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Every year thousands of children are injured in accidents and have suffered injury, disfigurement and in some cases permanent disability. As expert child injuries solicitors, we appreciate that when a child suffers from an accident causing injury due to the fault of another party it is extremely traumatic to the child, parents and family members. Whatever the type of accident to the child we will advise you in clear terms if there is a reasonable prospect of making a successful claim for compensation for your child.

Normally a parent or guardian will claim on behalf of the injured child. If the child has suffered the injury under the age of 18, they are classed as ‘minors’ or ‘infants’. As child injury claims solicitors we act for parents and / or guardians of the ‘minors’ to help them make an successful child accident claim for the child (minor).
Unlike Personal Injury Compensation law for adults (who have 2 years from the date of injury to issue a claim) a parent or guardian can commence the compensation claim for the child 2 years from the date of their 18th birthday rather than in normal cases 2 years from ‘date of knowledge’. So if a potential claimant was a baby or infant at the time of injury, although we don’t recommend waiting this long, legal action can be taken up to their 20th birthday. With all personal injury claims we advise seeking legal advice as soon as possible. This law is in place for children as it’s not always possible to define the long term physical or psychological consequences of the injury the infant has suffered until they have reached maturity.
Generally the compensation monies awarded to the child will be invested in a court approved fund until they reach the age of 18. But if the child requires urgent care or medical attention, the judge can decide that a portion of the childs compensation money can be released for the childs benefit.

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