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This booklet has been produced by Synnott Lawline Solicitors to give our clients an understanding of the personal injury claims process. In some of our correspondence to you during the course of your injury claim, we will make reference to the relevant sections of this guide by way of explanation of the particular aspect of your claim. Please contact us by phone or fill out the online form and we will email a digital version of the Personal Injury Guide Booklet at your request. If you have any queries, please contact us on 01 4537 890 or Email us on

Table of Contents in Personal Injury Claims Booklet:

  1. The claims process
  2. Have I a case?
  3. Costs
  4. Litigation
  5. Outlay
  6. Will I have to go to court?
  7. What is the value of my case?
  8. How long will it take?
  9. Statute of limitations
  10. What is the procedure
  11. Court lodgements / Tenders
  12. Medical examinations
  13. Defendant’s medical examinations
  14. Settlement meetings
  15. Notice for particulars
  16. Child plaintiffs
  17. Going to court
  18. Appeals
  19. Our promise
  20. PIAB
  21. Road accidents
  22. Work accidents
  23. Public accidents

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