If you’ve sustained injuries from a workplace accident – here’s what you need to know

In recent months, there have been many stories in the news about tragic accidents in workplaces. These horrendous incidents resulted in the loss of life and every year in Ireland, twenty or thirty people may lose their life in workplace accidents. With the focus on health and safety this number thankfully has been reduced but smaller accidents that have huge implications on the lives of workers take place in Irish places of work every day. If you have been injured in a workplace accident, it’s very important you know your rights and what your options are.

Employer’s Duty

It’s your employer’s duty to provide a safe workplace for you. If they not do this, they may be in breach of the law. And in the case of you being involved in an accident, you may be entitled to claim for damages if injuries or illnesses are sustained. Every year in Ireland thousands of people are injured at work or suffer work related illness. Common incidents involve handling, lifting, carrying, slips, trips, falling objects, hand-tools, machinery and falls.

Sometimes the types of accidents are not as obvious at these. Other people are injured as a result of the repetitive nature of their work activities or the absence of appropriate training. It is also the responsibility of your employer to provide adequate training for certain types of work. In 2003 alone more than 11,000 people brought successful occupational injury claims against their employers. An estimated 20,000 people were absent from work for more than three days as a result of injuries incurred in the workplace and a further 38,000 suffered illness caused by or aggravated by their job.

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