If you’ve been injured in a public place – what are your options?

Often the subject of rumor, speculation and light-hearted banter, public liability injury law is a complex matter. If you have been injured in a public place and feel that it was something that could have been avoided, you may be entitled to pursue a personal injury claim. Whether it’s on a public footpath, a shop or even if you’ve been attacked by a dog, you shouldn’t have to suffer due to the actions or inaction of others.

Every year in Ireland, many thousands of people are injured as a result of accidents in public and private places. The largest proportion of claims relate to accidents occurring in places such as playgrounds, leisure centres, shops and supermarkets. It is the responsibility of shop owner to ensure that they operate an environment that is safe for the public to go about their daily business. The vast majority of premises owners work very hard to make sure theirs is a safe place. But if for example, you slipped on a poorly maintained surface like a wet floor, talk to us about your options.

Similarly, public places like footpaths or pavements must also be fit for use by those that use them. Many others fall victim to falling masonry and the results of poorly maintained properties. Other common queries we get concern dogs and particularly dog bites. While no one keeps their dog for such purposes, occasionally animal instincts take over and a well behaved family dog can bite an innocent person. If this has happened to you, the dog should not have been allowed behave in such a manner and you may be entitled to pursue an injury claim.

The law in this area can be complex. It is important that you are provided with specialist knowledge and advice relevant to your case. At Synnott Lawline Solicitors, we have considerable expertise in this area. We can advise you of the course of action which best suits your particular situation. For further information or advice Contact our legal team at Synnott Lawline Solicitors by phone 01 453 7890, locall 1850 204060 or Email us.

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