There is one thing that a lot of people usually ask their lawyers, how much will I receive for my personal injury case? And what is the manner in which my case will be handled. With the help of a specialist injury lawyer, a lawyer can provide guidance about what you will get from your personal injury case. Some of the most common of these all include: car accidents, injury at work or a public place or in the case of a child injury from defective toys.

There are different categories and variables that will influence the case results;

  • Have you suffered emotional or post traumatic stress as a result of the injury?
  • Have you had to incur medical bills?
  • Have you had to suffer loss of earnings due to the injury?
  • What is the type of injury and where?
  • Can you make a full recovery from the injury?
  • Can you go back to full employment?

In the process of handling such cases however, you also need to find out if there is a no win no fee guarantee. This is a guarantee that safeguards you from incurring losses in as far as legal expenses are concerned while at the same time offering you an assurance that should you lose your case, you will not need to be liable in expenses.

There are lots of expenses throughout your case that can be reimbursed to you, which include but are not necessarily limited to medical expenses, traveling fees, wages lost during the course of the trial since you may not be at work, emotional trauma amongst other outlay items. By consulting your lawyer however, there are so many things that you will be able to learn which will go a long way in determining the value of your case, and how much you should be paid in the process.

However, there are also other remedies that are available to you. As a victim, you also have the ability to opt for punitive damages. Damages of this kind are specifically designed to make the wrongdoer pay for their acts, through which you got injured in one way or the other. Therefore the one thing that you will have to look into in as far as your case is concerned is that you have to consult your lawyer, and most importantly, you have to provide them all the information they need to be able to assist you in as far as no win no fee guarantee is concerned. For further information or advice Contact our legal team at Synnott Lawline Solicitors by phone 01 453 7890, or Fill out our ‘Tell us about your Case’ form.