Have you suffered injuries from a car accident? here’s what you need to know

You might’ve thought that it could ever happen to you. But if you’ve been in a road accident, you know only too well that it is not always about your own skills or experience as a driver. When you are out on the road, you are at the mercy of other road-users too. And you should not have to suffer because of the actions or behaviour of others. Road accidents, although they have been substantially reduced in recent years are still far too prevalent.

At Synnott Lawline solicitors, we have been securing professional legal services for people in car accidents for many years. If you have been in a car accident and believe it to be the fault of someone else, you need to explore your options. The first thing you need to do is establish if you have a case or not. Get in touch with us and we’ll able to answer that question for you. Don’t wait too long after the accident as it’s best to record all the details while they are fresh in your mind. You may already be thinking that it’s something you’ll never forget! Even so, it’s important to get all the details down on paper if you think that you may want to take a case at some point in the future.

Road traffic accidents are still far too common in Ireland. And the numbers do not make for pleasant reading. Every year, in the region of 300 people lose their lives on Irish roads. Just under a thousand sustain serious injury. A further 7000 will receive minor injuries.

If you or your family members find yourselves among these statistics and feel that your accident was down to the actions or inaction of someone else, you need to get in touch. For further information or advice Contact our legal team at Synnott Lawline Solicitors by phone 01 453 7890, or Email us on info@lawline.ie