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If you have been in a car accident, had an injury in your work place or in a public place you may be entitled to make a claim. Before proceeding with your personal injury compensation claim, you need to prove that your injury, illness or disease was caused as a result of the negligence of another party (for example an employer, another driver or a local council). This can be provided through photographs of the accident, medical reports, witness statements or contact details.

Step by-step process on how to start your injury claim:

We will take the details of your accident and injury, answer any questions you may have and advise you of your best options. You can contact us by phone: 01 4537890 or locall 1850204060 by Email or Fill out our Online Form.
Once you instruct us to take on your case, we write to you confirming your instructions and proceed with informing the third parties and / or their insurers of the case. We then arrange to take up a medical report and gather the necessary proofs to support your claim.
By law we must process your claim initially through the Injuries Board before any Court Proceedings can be issued, which we do on your behalf. They (The Injuries Board) notify the other side, and / or the Insurers, of the application. The other side has the choice of accepting the Injuries Board or rejecting the assessment procedure.
If the other side declines The Injuries Board assessment procedure, we then commence court proceedings. We will inform you of all stages of your case as it progresses.

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If you have a question about How to make a claim contact us on Locall 1850 20 40 60, Tel: 01 453 7890 Email us or tell about your case and start your claim today.

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Every personal injury case is different and before we make a recommendation we will discuss your case with you in detail. In many cases, it will be clear from the outset that you will succeed in being fully compensated. If however we believe you have no case we will tell you immediately. It will not be in your interest to pursue a case that stands little chance of success.

Support Services

Other than acting for our clients to claim the best possible compensation for their injuries we also provide support services such as sourcing the best medical experts providing the necessary treatments, Physiotherapists, Engineers and more. We also provide funding services for your case outlay while it is in progress.

Subject to certain very strict exceptions, you have two years from the date of your accident to commence legal proceedings for compensation. If the two year period has expired, even by one day, then your claim is Statute Barred from proceeding.

An important exception to this rule is that persons under the age of 18 years at the time of the accident (minors) have until their 20th birthday to commence proceedings. In theory therefore, a four year old for example has 16 years to commence proceedings, although a lengthy delay may create severe difficulties and may give rise to the defendant having grounds to apply for a dismissal of the claim on the grounds that his right to put up a defence has been prejudiced by the delay. It should be noted that it can take time to have legal proceedings issued so you should not leave it until the last few weeks before expiry of the statute before instructing your solicitor in the matter.

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We deal with every case individually but always on the basis that it may end up in court, but in reality few cases end up in court. Cases go to court for two reasons;

1. The defendant has not offered enough compensation  OR  2. The defendant has made no offer

If an offer is made, then it is you who decides whether or not to accept the offer; we and your Barrister will give our advice in relation to any offer, but the ultimate decision is yours. If no offer is made, then this would clearly indicate that the other side is reasonably confident of successfully defending the case. In such event your options will be clearly explained to you by us and your Barrister.

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Have you a question about your accident or claim? See our page on Frequently asked Legal Questions or contact our legal team today. Personal Injuries FAQ >

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