Being charged with dangerous driving in Ireland is a very serious offence and can incur a hefty sentence, if found guilty. The penalties imposed for dangerous driving will depend on whether or not a member of the public has been harmed or a death has occurred. If it is the case that a member of the public has been harmed or killed then the offence will be prosecuted on indictment in the Higher Courts, however, if not, then the offence will be prosecuted in the District Court.

Each case will turn on its own merits and the penalties imposed can range up to a €20,000 fine or up to ten years in prison on indictment. If the case is heard in the District Court then the maximum prison sentence is 6 months. An offender will also face an endorsement on their licence and disqualification from driving. If it is your first offence then the disqualification in the District Court is usually two years and on indictment 4 years.

If you are caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or have had the misfortune of being charged with dangerous or careless driving you could face losing your licence as well as a hefty fine and possible jail sentence.

Whether you are an experienced driver or only newly qualified the thoughts of losing your licence can be terrifying. Here at Synnott Lawline Solicitors our specialised legal team will put forward the best possible defence and do our best to ensure that you do not lose your license.