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Been Injured at Work – What you Need to Know About Starting a Claim
If you’ve sustained Injuries from a Workplace Accident – Here’s what you need to know In recent months, there have been many stories in the news about tragic accidents in workplaces. These horrendous incidents resulted in the loss of life and every year in Ireland, twenty or thirty people may lose their life in workplace accide...
Sep 06, 2016
No Win No Fee Defined – What it Means
No Win No fee Defined – What it means for your Legal Fees This is a phrase you probably hear about all the time. In personal injury law, it was intended to give you, a member of the general public a fighting chance when it comes to dealing with big business like insurance companies for example. It simply means that unless you succeed in your...
Aug 30, 2016
What is the value of my Personal Injury Case?
What Influences the Value of a Personal Injury Case There is one thing that a lot of people usually ask their lawyers, how much will I receive for my personal injury case? And what is the manner in which my case will be handled. With the help of a specialist injury lawyer, a lawyer can provide guidance about what you will get from your pe...
Aug 17, 2016
What is Medical Negligence?
Medical Negligence Explained In general Medical Negligence is the failure of a Doctor, Consultant or any other medical personnel to meet certain standards of care relating to the medical profession. These standards are commonly based on what a reasonable doctor with the requisite knowledge and skills would or would not do. In other words ...
Aug 11, 2016
Synnott Lawline Solicitors raise funds for Simon Community
Press Release: Synnott Lawline Solicitors launch new initiative to raise funds for homeless and housing charity – Dublin Simon Community For any person making a single will with the firm between February and December 2015, the entire fee of €100 goes directly to the Simon Community. For anyone making a double will, the entire fee of ...
Sep 18, 2015